Антипомпажный клапан плюс система впрыска водно-метанольной смеси для моторов M157 / M278 Weistec (США)

Для моторов M157 / M278 AMG 
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Reduced Intake Air Temperatures

Increased Knock/Detonation Resistance

Up to 100 HP Gain*

Red Powder Coated Turbo Charge Pipes with built in injector bungs

Weistec Anti Surge Valve (Two ASV's on SUV's and ABC equipped vehicles)

Weistec Vacuum/Boost Adapter

Water/Methanol Controller with built in MAP sensor

Dual Weistec CNC Machined Injectior Bodies with built in check valves

Small, Medium and Large Quantity Injection Nozzles Included for a wide range of configuration

Trunk Mounted 2.25 Gallon Tank with racing cell cap and integrated pump mount

Trunk tank fits in spare tire well for a hidden installation

High Quality Quick Disconnect Fittings

Designed for 50/50 Water and Methanol Mixture

Compatible with Stock, W.3, and W.4 Turbochargers

All hardware and gaskets are included
Артикул: 01-157-01680-9
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